Coaching Otherwise known as
  ” I-L-T-E ” Invest – Learn – Teach – Earn


Yes I know there are many Coaching programs out there which can get pretty expensive, all saying they can assist you in building your business. Remember when you were told to get a good education and then grab a great job…….well that cost money right? The difference here with building your business is HUGE…… in that it is you investing in yourself in order to build your dream, your financial freedom, and not that of an employer…you know the one that controls you, your time, your income, your “fill in the blank“. Why invest in your employer’s dream when he or she can crush your dreams overnight.

The strategy of  I-L-T-E
  1. Invest – In “You INC” – This means time and money branding yourself as the go to person
  2. Learn – This means learn using the tools necessary to reach your business and personal development goals
  3. Teach – Meaning to become the teacher because it is the person at the front of the room that earns the most income
  4. Earn – Yes meaning making an income at it but understand, people buy value so… exceptional value = higher earnings

Below you will find some of the tools we use in our businesses to build online. You will also find additional tools on our STORE page as well as our E-BOOK page that you are welcome to check out and use. These would be part of the Invest and Learn formula as mentioned above. If you want to take your business to the next level…. then YES…. some sort of coaching program is necessary. This is where the rubber meets the road and depending on your commitment and budget as it determines where you go and how fast you get there. We belong to a few marketing platforms that have assisted us tremendously and for a lot less then you would imagine… if this is something that you would like to explore, reach out to us and we would be happy to give you some suggestions. 

We were fortunate to meet up with a Muti-Millionaire coach a short while ago and he was very familiar with the business we are in….in fact he has been in the same profession for over 30 years. So we asked for his help in coaching us and wow what a difference it has made. He showed us the right way of building our business by showing us a system he uses which is simple steps to success and how to plug others into it so that building became easier and which duplicates within effortlessly.

His name is Robert Hollis and he is a published book author, a multi-millionaire, and has recently just achieved his 55th person to reach the millionaire status through his coaching.  Needless to say he is definitely the man to be coached by.

Ready for some great news

Robert has given us his permission to add you to his group coaching and has even offered to give you some FREE gifts as a token of his mindset of giving back. Now you also can benefit from the same guidance that he has provided us.

So let me introduce you to Robert and have him tell you personally in these 2 videos. You will see why we call him the “Documentation Beats Conversation” Money Man.

                    Mr. Robert Hollis  ⇓ ⇒



Tools to help build your business

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Everything You Need to Create & Manage your website or blog your way because you own it. Use stunning templates and easy to use editor tools. Have your own custom domains hosted for free, Hundreds of made for you templates to choose from with video & photo galleries styles. Webpage advanced SEO features and much more with full training modules to follow step by step.

Are you looking for your own landing pages & capture funnels

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Lead Generation

Create different page elements between a lead capture page and funnels using specific attraction marketing strategies. To earn maximum conversions, it’s important to optimize your page to capture leads and be able to re-target them. Now you can with this powerful marketing platform. Use the free internal auto responder or integrate with many others such as AWeber. Free training modules and group learning platforms make this a complete marketing system.

Choose the best plan to meet your budget. We have Monthly Plans or save more with our annual payment option. The Platinum Package is recommended and is our best value but we have plans as little as $25.

Email is perfect for keeping your brand top of mind and staying connected with those who make a purchase, read your blog or visits your website. When you join the community where email automation began, you get access to all features and a team that’s 100% devoted to your success. Try us for Free….
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