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WELCOME & CONGRATULATIONS…..By finding your way to my site proves you are driven and ready to make lifestyle changes to your life and that of your family’s. Whether it is Investing in a New Home, Investment Properties or looking to take your Own Personal Business to a new level, you have found the right site but here let’s talk shop. 

Like me you probably were promised a better way of life. Go to school… get good grades…get a college education.. get hired by a great company…work for them until retirement and retire with a lifestyle that anyone would be proud of. That would mean living where you want to live and doing the things you want to do, when you want and with whom you want.c5-galaxy-1974

Well that’s exactly what I did. My dream was to become a commercial pilot so that’s what I did. I joined the Air Force because my parents would have struggled to afford to put me through college let alone afford all my pilot training needed so I worked as a manager of a small flight training school while going to college as well. Needless to say free time was a luxury item for me but I was determined to reach my career job and I made it. After years of service flying, what I found out was I had to live where the job was, I had to ask for time off to do the things I wanted to do and was paid what they said I should be paid and job security was in the hands of others. Not exactly the “American Dream”, is it? When looking ahead to the road to retirement I saw obstacles in front of me that I couldn’t control. So who’s dream was I actually building?US_Airways_737_small


So… a while back I woke up and said NO I’m not doing this anymore. Time to take my life back and make my own destiny for me and my family. So I started by becoming an entrepreneur, invested in me, worked hard and haven’t looked back since. I started my business in Real Estate in 2000 and looked for other opportunities that provided residual income then invested my profits into additional income streams.Today my life looks much brighter with multiple streams of income and I am very thankful for those who showed me opportunities and educated me on the correct way to build my businesses.

Today you are probably realizing the same struggles and frustrations I did a while back. Now my passion and mission is to help as many entrepreneurs I can, realize the lifestyle they seek and deserve. Today I am offering that opportunity to you by offing you the solutions and tools to solve whatever is stopping you from reaching your dreams. What is your Vision? Where do you see yourself 5 Years from now? 10 Years?

So Again Welcome……. I am here to assist so let’s GET STARTED.

Remember if you want change in your life YOU must change. It has been stated by many… The definition of “Insanity” is doing the same thing over and over again…..and expecting a different result.


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Words of Wisdom………. If you want something you’ve never had you’ll have to do something you’ve never done.

Let me help you overshoot your goals in the right ways.

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