Is it that time? Are you contemplating the idea of placing your home on the market? Not sure of the timing or your net bottom line? Before you jump in and start fixing things to get ready….. 1st step is to see what the market is doing. Let’s get you started by getting you an update each month on what your home is worth so that when it is time you don’t miss your best opportunity. Selling your home the correct way is key when trying to net out the most to your bottom line.



We will assist you with that important timing…..…just put in your address and we will do the rest. When it get’s closer to your optimal time we can then fine tune your home’s value with a detailed visit unless you want to do that upfront.

Find out what your home is worth promotion. Get a No obligation home value report with an in person home visit and receive a complimentary 3-5 night vacation certificate for 2 adults plus 2 children, (USA or Mexico). No Purchase Necessary. Ask for details about this promotion 

And when you are ready here is a sneak peak


of how we do it

And When Your Ready….Here’s Why We Do It Better ….

This short video will explain

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew all the secrets on how to sell your home in in order to get the most value out of it?


What do you have to fix…What would give you the most net return? What are the mistakes to avoid? What does the selling process involve from the buyers prospective that would be nice to know so that you could prepare for a win win for both sides without having it affect your bottom line? We all use the phrase “The most Bang for the Buck” and when it comes to netting out the most money without leaving money on the table as a seller, knowledge is key.

Well  great news…… I have a FREE E-Book for you that will assist you with these secrets. Just  click the button below and download a copy for yourself today. You can even share it with your friends. All I ask is that if you do that you tell them where you got it.

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Click to Download your Copy