So you think you found the right Direct Sales company but still not sure.. OK here is help


Direct Sales Company
  1. Understand how direct sales companies are marketed – Direct sales companies all have professional marketing teams that create those wonderful presentations that you watch either through an online video or DVD. What you have to keep in mind is they are created professionally with one goal in mind – to get you excited about the business and to get you to sign up on the spot. Don’t buy into this marketing scheme! Take your time. Think about the opportunity. Make sure this is a company you can promote. You have to believe in the company and the products or services it offers. Remember you want a long term business that you can grow with and will provide you with residual income for the rest of your life. Don’t let anyone pressure you into something you have not researched or thought about thoroughly!!
  2. How long has the company been in business? – You will likely hear “ground floor opportunity” or “start up.” This means the company is relatively new. My personal opinion on this is you do not want to get in on the “ground floor” or with a “start up” company. I know people who have and they are doing quite well; however that is not always the case. You first need to look at who is the founder? What is their track record? Have they been involved in the industry before, if so, for how long? Have they been successful in the industry? Are the products/services exclusive? You don’t want to get in a company with a management team that this is their first rodeo unless they have made a name for themselves elsewhere and if the products and/or services that are being offered are exclusive to them or can anyone start another direct sells company with the same products and/or services which might have better success or could the products be offered in retail. Do your research! Disclaimer…on the flip side I don’t recommend getting in with a direct sales company that has been around for years either. Chances are they have saturated the market with their products/services and everybody and their brother has exposed to them. So choose wisely when looking into a direct sales company. Timing can play an important role.
  3. Talk to other people in the company. – Ask the person who has approached you with the opportunity to connect you with other people in the company. Better yet, if the company has weekly and or monthly meetings go to them. This helps you get a “feel” for the type of people who are already in the business and the overall atmosphere. Talk to these people and ask questions. People that are passionate about what they do are more than willingly to help other people by sharing their experiences. Above all USE YOUR GUT FEELING! It’s there for a reason. If something doesn’t seem right RUN. As Darin Kidd would say, “If it sounds easy, it’s probably sleazy.”
  4. Is the company a member of the Direct Selling Association? This is not to be ignored. Would you go to a doctor that wasn’t certified or a member of the American Medical Association? Probably not, so why get involved with a direct sales company that isn’t a member of the Direct Selling Association. You can check any direct sales company to see if they are a member by going to There are 172 direct sales companies that are members, if you can’t find a direct sales company out of the list then you don’t want to be in direct sales! If the company you are looking at isn’t a member I recommend you don’t get involved, it could be a scam.
  5. Try the products. – This is VERY important. You cannot market something if you yourself have not tried them or believe in them. Most direct sales companies require their distributors to be customers themselves. They will require that you purchase a set amount of product every month. Therefore if you do not use, like or need the products why are you looking at getting involved in the company? If you are not passionate about the products or service or you don’t see a consumer need or benefit of what you have to offer then you will not succeed.
  6. The compensation plan. – This is a biggie my friends. Make sure you examine the comp plan thoroughly and understand it. Not all comp plans are created equally. Some are extremely complex, whereas others are extremely simple. If it is to complex you may not understand it and therefore will not be able to explain it to a prospect or teammate. It is important when reviewing the comp plan that you understand how you advance from one level to the next. You don’t want a comp plan that lets you build your team wide, meaning you can sign up as many people as you want on your first level. The only person that will benefit by a comp plan designed like this is you. That isn’t what network marketing is all about. It’s about helping others reach their goals and dreams while you reach your goals and dreams. The best comp plan is designed to help as many people as possible.

  •  You also don’t want a comp plan that has a “cut off” at a certain level. If it   cuts off at a certain level it means you can build wide on your first level. Remember, we don’t  want this. Ideally you want a plan that lets you build deep, this way you can help a lot of people reach their goals and dreams. Look at a comp plan and ask yourself, “If I help this person succeed will it help me succeed? If the answer is yes then it is probably a good comp plan.
  • Another piece of the comp plan puzzle is the monthly requirement I spoke of earlier. Some companies do not publish this in their comp plan. If it is not mentioned make sure to ask the question. Also, some companies charge a monthly fee to furnish you with your own website; again not always published in the comp plan.
  1. What type of training and support does the company provide? This is HUGE my friends!!! You want to make sure that the company supports their people by providing training and support company wide because the truth is you should not – I will repeat, you SHOULD NOT rely on your up-line for training and support. I know this from personal experience. Not to say all up-lines are treated equal. There are good ones, as well as bad ones and the truth is you are the one that is responsible for your success or failure as it is your business. You want to make sure there are other systems you can plug into for support. I would definitely go with a company that has an online training system you can utilize anytime that everyone in the company uses. e simple and duplicateable. After all, what is duplicatable is seen as doable where everyone does it the same way. Do not re-invent the wheel sort of speak.

So to recap: understand that those inspiring videos you watch about the company are all professionally done. Don’t get caught up in the hype. Research, research, research, I can’t stress this enough. Don’t let anyone pressure you into joining until you have done your due diligence. Try the products. If you don’t like them, you will not be able to market them. Think long and hard before getting involved in network marketing. You don’t have to be a sales person but you do need to be coachable, willing to work, have a desire to succeed and desire to help others.

If you have any questions or if you are thinking about a particular company and you want my honest opinion about it leave a comment. If you don’t have one in mind… No problem , Ask me about an Opportunity that I found and belong to.

I’m always here to help.



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